Ring the bell and yell "Trick or WAAAGH!"

Mythic's Mark Davis is providing a sneak peek into what Warhammer Online has in store for its players over this Hallow's Eve. "The Witching Night" will be when:

"...the divisions between the living and the dead grow thin, and the power of Shyish, the Purple Wind of Magic, waxes. Evil cults, witches, and necromancers use this time to their advantage, easily raising the dead and calling upon them to spread wickedness across the land."

"... In the skirmish areas around the entire world during the Halloween holiday, there will be boss monsters lurking for players to kill. They’ll have cool loot on them, of course, so players from both sides will want to take them down. I’m sure Order and Destruction will play nicely with each other and share equally with each other for the spoils of the fight – yeah right! What else would you expect from a Warhammer holiday? Trick-or-treating? Nah! Beating people over the head? Oh yeah!"

Check out some amazing screenshots and more tricks and treats at the Warhammer Herald.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016