Kadrin Valley Zone Overview

Along with the recently released Warhammer Online Newsletter came information on the new zone of Kadrin Valley. Not being one to keep information from our loving masses, we here at WAR Ten Ton Hammer have decided to give you the details on this new zone.

Along with the information on this new zone are associated images as well as our own Ten Ton Thoughts. So if you're interested in the Valley of the Slayers, this page is for you.

Slayers are awesome. There is no other way to describe this zone as the home of slayers in Warhammer Online. So if a logical Vulcan were reading this we can assume that Kadrin Valley is awesome. With not only Slayers and Greenskins fighting each other, we also have bands of Dark & High Elves fighting their continual war in the valley as well. To top it all off; being the road to the Empire, Kadrin Valley is also a good place for Chaos and Humans to start some fighting good times.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016