Crafting and
Trophies--More Important Than You Think!

While many MMO games have crafting, very few modern ones talk about
it's importance and function so it might be surprising to hear
Warhammer Online's Senior Designer Justin Webb discuss it at length.
Garrett Fuller returns from EA Mythic headquarters and recounts his
experience of Justin describing crafting, trophies, and even armor dye.
Don't miss out on this unique look at how the game is progressing.

The team at EA Mythic has made crafting very easy for
players. They
made it very clear that they want players to be in the action of Realm
vs Realm or fighting it out with monsters, not standing over a forge
for several hours. There are several gathering skills your character
can customize. The ones we got a look at were Cultivating, Butchering,
and Scavenging. The one great thing about the gathering skills is that
you do not have to chase dots on a map to find materials.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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