Party Crashers of the
Greenskin Kind

Times are tough for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's High Elves.
Not only have their cousins come home to Ulthuan for a less than social
visit, but it looks like they've invited friends, and Greenskin ones at
that. The land of Eataine is the jewel of the High Elven society. A
place where nobles vacation in the spring and the Phoenix King sits.
However, when Malekith gets done, not only will the jewel be blemished,
but the Phoenix Throne in Lothern will have a new ruler sitting in
it... unless the high elves hold strong. They have fended off the Dark
Elves and the Greenskins so far, but can they continue to do so? Come
take a look for yourself at the High Elven land of Eataine!

The war between the High Elves and their dark kin
rages on many fronts,
but the invaders are slowly gaining ground in their relentless march
toward Lothern. Now, the battle lines have been redrawn yet again, as
Prince Tyrion's forces fall back to Eataine to regroup and take on
reinforcements. Where they expected to find respite, however, they
instead find a very unexpected battle.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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