No Official Forums for

Mark Jacobs, GM/VP of EA Mythic, cleared up any confusion last week
regarding Warhammer Online having official forums for players. Are MMOG
communities ready to let go of such a long standing tradition and
should EA Mythic tread into such untested waters? RadarX looks at
traditional forums and provides a few reasons why having them moved to
the community might not be such a bad thing.

While history has shown an evolution in forum use,
many veterans to MMO
gaming will remember the detailed forums of SOE's EverQuest 1, Ultima
Online, etc. It was here players gathered to talk, debate, and complain
whlie many seemed to be standing at a rock concert hoping to get a
glimpse of the elusive developers. While we all may go for different
reasons, the fact remained we all feel what we have to say is important
and should be heard. What of Warhammer Online?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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