Warhammer Online has had a bumpy ride since launch. The recent addition of the Endless Trial, which allows players a chance to experience the entire Tier 1 playing experience (levels 1-10) for free and for an unlimited time seems to be a positive change for the game. In a recent Q&A with ZAM, Mythic producer Josh Drescher explains more about the new Endless Trial and some of the design decisions aimed at providing a making the new user journey more accessible and fun for new players.

Beyond that, there’s always been a concern that time-limited trials force players to have an unnecessarily stressful first interaction with the game. Especially if you’re a more casual player, 10 to 14 days may only be enough time for you to log in once or twice to try things out unless you force yourself to play more frequently. We want players to have time to come to WAR, kick the proverbial tires and try things out at THEIR pace.

  • Read the full Q&A here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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