Carpe Siegum -- Siege the
Day! (Not really Latin, but surely close...)

Warhammer Online's Siege warfare promises to provide an exciting
enhancement to Realm vs Realm combat that every player can enjoy.
Whether combating enemies on the walls or flinging death with a
Trebuchet, expect fast paced player verses player combat wherever a
Keep stands. Join Ten Ton Hammer as we look at siege mechanics and why
you should be excited about them.

Towering above fortress walls looking ominously down
upon those who
challenge it's master, the Keep symbolizes safety and defense.
Throughout the history of warfare, they have been designed to protect
the vital resources of a territory and provide a last line of
protection against invading forces. What better element could fit in
Warhammer Online whose primary goal is to engage in area wide warfare
against enemy factions?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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