Columbus Day

There's a fun sensation when finding a new zone in an MMO. The scenery changes, everything is different then a few minutes ago, and then BANG! A bear who's 40 levels higher then you decides to agro across the zone and "OMGWTFP0WN" you. Exploring is an essential part of any MMO and this week Ratboy looks at it indepth.

There are always players who live to explore the uncharted and try out new things in an MMO environment, but at what point does exploration begin to negatively impact a game world? That’s the question for this week’s Common Content article here at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer, and there are a lot of angles to explore with a topic as specified as this one. Will Warhammer Online cater enough to the players who want to do nothing but explore and try out new things, or will it be another “inescapable grind” that players are forced to endure.

Get clicking to read more. Do you think Ratboy is on track or hoplessly lost in his position on this? Head over to our brand spanking new Ten Ton Hammer Forums and let us know your take.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016