Racial Overview Updates

Just a note, today we've updated our Empire (Human) racial page with more information on the two recently released careers; the Witch Hunter & Knight of the Blazing Sun. As another note we've updated all of our Racial Overview pages to contain the Official EA Mythic description of each faction!

"The Age of Reckoning begins with a foul Chaos Plague being unleashed throughout the Empire of man. Weakened by the release of this plague; the Empire is only further demoralized by the appearance of a red eclipse in the sky. With its people driven into a panic, the Empire hears news that the Dwarf city of Karak Eight Peaks has fallen to the Orcs, and a great army of chaos masses to the north. As a sign of relief to the dire portents that have befallen the Empire of man, the High Elves appear to lend what assistance they can, however even the Emperor knows his forces are being stretched dangerously thin."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016