Need A Career? Check These Out

Two great indepth looks at some of the careers that will be possible in Warhammer Online come to us today. The first is a look at the Goblin Shaman.

The Shaman channels the primal bloodlust of the Greenskins into effects both beneficial and baleful. He keeps the lads up and running far beyond their normal capabilities and calls down the wrath of the twin deities, Gork and Mork, onto his enemies.

Next we get a great look at the Dwarf Hammerer...

When it comes to heavy blunt objects size matters, and that thought is the driving force behind the Hammerer’s choice of weapons. His job is to bash things good and solid, and in keeping with a Dwarf’s nature he’s selected the best tool for the job: the great hammer.

The Hammerer Specialty:

* A Hammerer’s most powerful blows can slow him down, but the blow’s devastating impact is well worth it
* The longer the fight, the more the Hammerer’s strength and quickness increase
* As long as there are more foes to fight, the Hammerer can build up momentum

Head over and read both of these guides and be sure to stop by the Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer Forums and let us know what you are thinking. Is this the game you are waiting for? Tell us why!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016