Warlocks have been bugging Blizzard for a way to get green fire for a long time, after all who doesn’t want to have green fire.  Blizzard has finally listed and opened up a quest chain that will be going live in Patch 5.2.

Even for those few out there that may not care about the vanity buff that this essentially is, the quest chain is epic enough that you just need to complete it anyway.

So when patch 5.2 launches, what do you need to do to earn your own green fire?  Find out everything below.

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Warlock Green Fire Quest Chain  - Part 1

The first part of this quest chain revolves around finding the information you need before entering the Black Temple (that’s right, you will be venturing into the old raid from Outlands).

To start the whole quest chain you must find an item called the “Codex of Xerrath”, which starts the quest called An Unusual Tome.  On the PTR you can find this item from a guaranteed drop from a Green Infernal that spawns right beside the Shado-Pan Garrison in the Townlong Steppes.  However, how this will be handled once it goes live is unknown.  The item may be a random drop from anything level 90 or higher, or may continue to be from a set spawn point. I would suspect it will be a random drop from anything, but no guarantees, it just seems silly to have demons that span in Pandaria for no reason other than a warlock quest chain.

Once you have the Tome though the quest chain starts.  You need to summon a healthstone and use the Tome to merge them. 

You then need to talk to your minions to help translate it.  The ones that can help are  your voidwalker and succubus.

Once you have the information from your demons, you will have to head to a trainer in your factions capital city for Reader for the Dead tongue.

At your class trainer you will be told A Take of Six Masters and asked to book on a nearby table and receive a journal to read as well.  From these books you will be told of four locations that you need to visit in the Outlands to discover more information as you go Seeking the Soulstones.

The sites you need to visit are in Hellfire Peninsula, Blade’s Edge Mountains, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley.  In each zone when you get close to the location a cold – warm – hot warning will pop up, letting you know when you are nearing the item that you need to find. 

To make it even easier for you though, here is a map of the locations.

Once you have all of the items, located at the green dots, you will be directed towards the second and main part of the quest chain, which happens in the Black Temple, found at the blue dot for those that did not raid there previously..

Warlock Green Fire Quest Chain – Part 2

This part of the quest chain all happens in the Black Temple.  Don’t worry though you don’t have to solo a raid.  You will be led to a side entrance and given some very interesting challenges to work through as you Enter the Black Temple.

You start off having to sneak up to the entrance past a series of workers and guards.  You can sneak by the guards by watching their paths and staying out of their sight radius, which is marked by a red circle around them.  If you get too near a worker, they will call for help, so move past quickly.

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At the door that you need to get to there are 3 guards completely blocking your path.  Simply send your demon to some nearby workers until they see it, then pull it back, the guard will go to investigate, leaving you an opening to get by.

Once inside you need to Search for signs of the Council’s Presence, which can be completed by reading a document laying ahead of you, at which point Akama will attack, but then later be friendly as you explain that you are there for your faction.  He will then trust you and ask you to Follow Akamma to the Shrine of Lost Souls.

From there you need to reach the Reliquary of Souls to Uncover the Council’s Plan.  Here you need to use your eye to see where the traps are so that you can avoid them and make your way through the hallway to the Reliquary.

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Once there you need to Defeat the Essence of Order.  The fight can be quite long depending on your gear, but is repetitive and fairly straight forward.  The Essence can be tanked by your demon while you DPS it and the adds that get summoned. Roughly every 15 seconds the Essence will also send out a path of shadowflame, simply side step and work in a circle around him.

Once done with the Essence of Order you will need to Escape the Shrine of Lost Souls past demons that appear to stop you as you try to get back to Akama.  Akama then says to meet him on the top of the Black Temple.  You will have 5 minutes to race through the temple grabbing treasure as you go to Plunder the Den of Mortal Delights.  You need to get to Mother Shahraz’z platform within 5 minutes to pickup a item from there to start the next part of the chain. 

Once you get the last item you will Head to the Temple Summit where you need to Defeat Kanrethad.

This fight is long and epic.  You need to use many of your abilities that you normally do not use in boss fights and it makes it very interesting.  Having started this quest chain on a PTR level 90 Warlock without all my raid gear, I have yet to defeat him.  I will let you know that you will need to use enslave a pit lord, kill many attacking imps, felhunters, and more.  All this while trying to keep a Pit Lord in check and avoid being killed by Kanrethad’s attacks, which killed the ilevel 460 warlock that I was using in 1 hit.

Once you do defeat Kanrethad, you earn the green fire ability for your own.


Overall I loved the quest chain.  It is interesting fluff wise, and awesome in it’s story telling.  I always liked the class quest chains that existed before, and thought they really helps make each class a unique experience.  I was really disappointed when they disappeared.  This new quest chain though gives me hope that Blizzard may be seeing the light, and looking for ways to add class based questing back into the game.

What is your take on this new Warlock green fire chain?  Do you like it or loath it? Comment below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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