Weekly Development Activities

July 31, 2006

Check out the latest updates to the "Weekly Development Activities."
The goal for this feature is to give solid expectations on what you can
expect to see in future updates.


These items are in QA and should be a part of the next scheduled update.


  • We are making some changes to the Twilight Forge to improve


  • NEW - The House Kundarak banking system
    will be opening a new branch in the harbor inside the Harbormaster's
  • NEW - Tell messages will be displayed in
    all chat windows by default (for new characters and new chat tabs).
  • NEW - Fixing a problem with the Mail UI
    that causes attached items to not display.
  • Loot messages from other players will be tagged as loot messages
    and can be filtered out.
  • Players will no longer get stuck while dismounting from ladders.


  • NEW - Wildmen will apply the feeblemind
    effect less often, generally on critical hits and/or their special leap
  • NEW
    - The effects caused by the warforged quori humanoids in the WFT area
    will no longer produce FX. Previously this on-damage effect could slow
    down performance due to the spam of visualized effects.
  • Improved
    the dragon's spellcasting AI and line of sight recognition. For more
    information on possible changes to the dragon, please read href="http://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51101" target="_blank">this
  • Melee
    oriented Troglodytes will move closer to their targets - they should no
    longer attempt to make melee attacks from out of range.


  • The critical threat range will no longer be doubled on the 4th
    swing in a combo.
  • The feeblemind bestowed by wildmen will be curable by


  • Vorpal weapons will behead monsters as per the
    Players Handbook - you must roll a natural 20 and confirm a crit to
    vorpal your target.
  • Niac's Cold Ray and Knock scrolls will be available at Lorna
    Wyrmtouched, Arcane Scroll Vendor in the marketplace tent.
  • Items
    that cast Featherfall are getting an upgrade in usability. These items
    will be fast-casting and use a self-only version of Featherfall.
  • The
    "of Destruction" weapon effect is a much weaker effect than intended.
    To make the effect worthy of its cost, "of Destruction" will reduce the
    target's AC by 4 the first time it hits. There is no saving throw for
    this effect.
  • We are changing the names for Seeker +1, Seeker
    +2, Seeker +3 etc. items. These effects are being renamed to be
    consistent with other effect naming conventions - they will be named to
    match the bonus they give (Seeker +2, Seeker+4, Seeker +6 etc.)
  • Laina the Excoriated will close her shop window properly.
  • The
    Freedom of Movement effect on the Kundarak Delving Boots will ward the
    movement effects of Storm Giant weather control. It will no longer ward
    the Beholder's petrify eye beam or the Mummy's Despair ability.


  • NEW - Hazadill is having
    such fun with Otto's Sphere of Dancing that he doesn't realize that he
    is breaking the rules of the universe and casting area-of-effect Otto's
    IRRESISTIBLE dance rather than area-of-effect Otto's RESISTIBLE dance.
    This will be fixed.
  • We are fixing a long-standing issue with
    dispel effects that causes dispels from the Dispel Magic spell to be
    much harder than they should normally be.


  • NEW - Caverns of Korromar
    • We are removing the intelligence requirement from the Daanvi
      Codex so any party member can use it to progress the quest.
  • Gnarl's Tomb
    • Old
      Gnarl's ghost will open his door after a fight if he dispatches any
      would-be thieves. This will allow parties to attempt him again without
      resetting the dungeon.
  • Restless Isles
    • The Runetusk Commander will no longer speak to you after he
    • Several encounters are displaying their DM text repeatedly.
      This will be fixed.

Under Development

These items are currently in development and are scheduled for some
time after the next update.


  • Overall bandwidth of the game will be reduced
    another 1-3%, and certain problematic dungeons and laggy areas will be
    significantly improved by 20-50% (when your client gets flooded with
    information about objects in your local area).


  • We are pleased to announce the addition of the /showhelmet |="" off=""> command which can be used to hide your helmet graphic.
  • We
    are improving the combat/damage feedback mechanism. This will not only
    eliminate "false" hits where the target would flinch but no attack roll
    would take place, but also give better feedback as to the strength of
    the hit.


  • Widow type spiders will once again shoot functional webs.
  • Elemental Empathy will work properly on Earth Elementals that
    have used their Earthgrab ability.
  • We
    are fixing an issue with the death animations of Arcane Skeletons. They
    will no longer "eat collectables" they should be creating.


  • We are also working on exempting Kundarak Delving Boots from the
    movement restrictions of Sleetstorm and IceStorm.


  • Please disregard the previous entry regarding the
    Fragment of the Silver Flame. Protection from Evil is being worked on
    to bring it in line with D&D rules.

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