Weekly Development Activities

October 9, 2006

Check out the latest updates to the "Weekly Development Activities."
The goal for this feature is to give solid expectations on what you can
expect to see in future updates.


These items are in QA and should be a part of Module 3.


  • You will now slowly regenerate Hit Points and Spell Points while
    walking around the city and not just in taverns.
  • A number of new emotes have been added to the game:
    • /beckon
    • /hug
    • /flex
    • /groan
    • /grovel
    • /kiss
    • /no
    • /poke
    • /sigh
    • /taunt
    • /yes
    • /cheer2
    • /dance2
    • NEW - /show (allows you to /show off
      your right-hand weapon).
  • The
    Silver Flame has recognized that the brothers stationed in Taverns have
    been casting an inferior version of Restoration. From now on, the spell
    cast in taverns will remove 1 negative level in addition to all the
    other Restoration effects.
  • Raid parties for the Dragon or the
    Warforged Titan will now have the option of setting the raid loot
    shards to go to a random member of the party rather than to the leader.
    The leader can switch the shard designation by right clicking on the
    party health-bars (in the same place he/she clicked for
    "convert-to-raid"). All members of the party will be notified in party
    chat when this happens, and later arrivals will be notified when they
    join the party. Once the party has been switched to "random loot", it
    cannot be switched back. Shards will be randomly assigned to any member
    of the party who is alive and still in the dungeon as soon as someone
    attempts to pick up the shard.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the player's encumbrance from being
    updated when sending an item through the mail.
  • NEW
    - Some new Tips have been added to the game that will be displayed when
    loading a new area. Special thanks to ddo.com forum members apollojuly,
    Berjik, Chardros, Denomicon, DeusMortis, DrAwkward, Drogon,
    DuckOfDeath, Elurian, Fu-Inator, Furee, oronisi, patnodewf, Squeg,
    Thanatos, Thistle, tihocan, toddfox2, tr0tsky, Ustice, Volund, whysper,
    winsom, and Worg2k6 for the new helpful tips!
  • Players will no longer get stuck while dismounting from ladders.
  • We
    are pleased to announce the addition of the /showhelmet <on |
    off> command which can be used to hide your helmet graphic.
  • We
    are improving the combat/damage feedback mechanism. This will not only
    eliminate "false" hits where the target would flinch but no attack roll
    would take place, but also give better feedback as to the strength of
    the hit.
  • When you successfully swap a spell, you will now get an alert
    telling you that it worked.
  • Poison dart and poison grenade traps will now actually poison you
    instead of doing poison hp damage.
  • NEW - Soulstones are now ethereal to
    almost everything which means they'll fall properly if you die in
    mid-air, over water, etc.
  • Lava Cam! When your camera is in lava, it now looks more like
    it's in lava, as opposed to water.
  • Made
    some small tweaks to our avatar animations. For example, human female's
    wrists won't twist in the dual weapon combo attack, dwarven arms won't
    over-extend when they use an axe to cleave, etc.


  • The landscape renderer has been overhauled to
    provide better performance (especially load times). In addition, the
    new landscape engine enables huge draw distances that were not possible
  • The overall frame rate has been improved and ‘hitching' reduced.
  • Avatars
    and monsters are now a bit brighter than other objects (the intensity
    depends upon the environment and lighting conditions).
  • Overall
    bandwidth of the game will be reduced another 1-3%, and certain
    problematic dungeons and laggy areas will be significantly improved by
    20-50% (when your client gets flooded with information about objects in
    your local area). These changes will be most noticeable for modem

UI Improvements

  • The text on the XP bar has been clarified
    to make it more obvious that you have not lost the XP you were accruing
    toward your bonus AP when you die and get an XP debt while you are
    working toward bonus action points.
  • NEW - Race and Alignment requirements to
    equip items will now be shown in RED text.
  • NEW
    - We've added a new button to the focus orb! The new "tell" icon
    appears next to the "invite" button when you have another player
  • Mail
    • The "New Mail" icon will now appear on the Focus Orb even if
      it is minimized.
    • The "New Mail" icon will now vanish from the Focus Orb when
      the last new letter in your mailbox has been opened.
    • It is no longer possible to put too much text into the
      Compose Mail' "To," "Subject," and "Message" fields.
    • It
      is no longer possible to compose new mail while your mailbox is full.
      The Mail Box is considered full when it has fifty or more letters
      inside of it.
    • The "To" and "Subject" line of the Compose Mail UI no longer
      accept carriage returns.
  • NEW - /retell can now be used with the
    alias /rt as well.
  • NEW
    - When you type in "/r " the chat box will automatically replace that
    text with "/tell X," This works with "/r", "/reply", ";r", and
    ";reply". This functionality has also been added to the /retell command
    and should help eliminate mistells.
  • In an effort to help clear up some confusion Ranks will now start
    at 1 instead of 0.
  • ALT-Z will now hide/show the main UI.
  • You will now see the dice rolls for dispelling.
  • When
    using something other than the mouse to move the mouse cursor (for
    example, an Xbox 360 controller), the mouse cursor will not be allowed
    to move outside the game window.


  • NEW - Many human
    enemies have had their alignments updated or corrected. For example,
    Agents of the Emerald Claw are now Chaotic Evil; Warriors of the
    Emerald Claw are now Neutral Evil; the necromancer Gerti is now Chaotic
    Evil; all Blackguards are now Evil, and many are Lawful Evil; City
    Guards are now Lawful Neutral; and several misaligned thieves and
    rogues are now Chaotic Neutral.
  • Monsters can no longer remain stealthed/invisible when they are
    casting harmful spells on you.
  • Adjusted
    some monster sneak attacks to function properly – some were not being
    blocked by fortification, while others were not triggering in situation
    where they should have (for example, with a blinded target).
  • Monsters will now deal properly when hit with multiple behavior
    states (for example, mesmerized while dancing).
  • NEW
    - The behavior of monsters that cannot reach their target because other
    creatures are in the way has been improved. Preventing a monster from
    reaching its target is now an effective way to gain the creature's
  • NEW - Troglodyte Stench is
    no longer called 'nausea' but is instead properly called 'Troglodyte
    Stench' and flagged as a sickness. Thus it can be removed by effects
    that remove sickness, and will be more resistible by Warforged. The
    functionality of the stench has not been otherwise changed.
  • Liches
    can no longer be affected by command undead, halt undead, the undead
    fear portion of the chill touch spell, or control undead (not in game
  • Mephits now fly faster.
  • Most named troglodytes have been given more hp on the hard and
    elite settings.
  • NEW - Trolls should no longer attempt to
    make melee attacks from out of range.
  • NEW - Wight priests now cast attack
    spells with greater frequency.
  • Spiders
    • Some mid- and high-level (mostly CR 7 and up) spiders have
      new stronger poisons.
    • Most
      spiders on the hard and elite settings have had their attack damage
      reduced significantly, particularly those on the elite setting.
    • Widow type spiders will once again shoot functional webs.
  • The mind flayer and vampire's dominate abilities no longer dispel
    protection from evil.
  • NEW - Vampires no longer cast shadows.
  • NEW - Vampiric Domination is now
    properly "Dominate Person" rather than "Dominate Monster" (Celestial
    Dogs and Warforged rejoice!)
  • NEW - Undead bosses can no longer be
    affected by turn undead fear.
  • Some ogres have been eating their veggies and will be able to see
    and hear better than they could before.
  • Several
    bow wielding enemies will now shoot various energy arrows like flaming
    arrows or cold arrows. These will do the typical piercing damage (1d6
    and up) in addition to various amounts of energy damage.
  • Several
    resourceful enemies have begun using various alchemical substances in
    battle. In most cases, these will affect players as energy damage over
  • Elemental Empathy will work properly on Earth Elementals that
    have used their Earthgrab ability.
  • More
    powerful versions of Mummy Rot are now labeled accordingly: Pernicious
    Mummy Rot is more dangerous than regular Mummy Rot, and Virulent Mummy
    Rot is even more lethal.
  • NEW - Adran ir'Karsmore relies less on
    natural AC and more on his clerical buffs to provide him enough AC.
  • Female humanoid villains will no longer charge into melee range
    if armed with spells or bows.
  • NEW - Mind flayers no longer reappear
    after being killed by a fiery death.
  • We
    are fixing an issue with the death animations of Arcane Skeletons. They
    will no longer "eat collectables" they should be creating.


  • All enemy trips and knockdowns now have dual saves
    (an initial save and a secondary save). Most give you an ability
    modifier check for the initial save to determine whether or not you
    fall. This is usually your Strength or Dexterity modifier, whichever is
    greater on your character. Some knockdowns like grease give a reflex
    save as the initial save. Once you fall down, your secondary save
    checks will occur every two seconds and are versus your balance skill
    to determine when you stand back up.
  • NEW - Vermin Empathy and Elemental
    Empathy will now properly deduct from your Wild Empathy uses per day.
  • NEW
    - Rangers can now choose Favored Enemy: Gnoll as one of their favored
    enemies, either during advancement or by using a feat respec.
  • NEW - Favored Enemy: Construct now works
    on warforged opponents.
  • Smiting weapons and other death effects now give better combat
    feedback in your chat box.
  • Boss monsters will now give better feedback on spells that they
    are immune to.


Spell Changes

  • The valid arc for casting spells on a target has been increased
    from a forward 90 degree arc to a forward 120 degree arc.
  • Resist
    Energy is now available for clerics, paladins, rangers, and wizards.
    Protection from Energy is now available to Rangers, Wizards, and
    Clerics. This change allows these classes to cast Protection From
    Energy and Resist Energy the same way a sorcerer can, by memorizing a
    single spell and then choosing which damage type to ward against. The
    days of memorizing several Resist Energy: (Element) are no more!
  • Protection
    from Evil has been fixed to work correctly. It no longer protects
    against *all* charms and compulsions (including Otto's, command, hold
    monster/person, etc). Rather, it only protects against charms and
    compulsions that give ongoing mental control, such as the vampire's
    dominate ability. Also, as per D&D rules, it no longer protects
    against mental control from evil creatures, but ALL mental control,
    regardless of the target's alignment.
  • Phantasmal killer is now a fear effect.
  • NEW - Players will now be immune to
    charm and suggestion spells. Players will no longer be immune to
    command spells.
  • NEW - Stinking Cloud is now properly
    considered a 'nausea' effect.
  • Holy smite will now damage spiders.
  • The
    Teleport spell no longer has a Somatic casting component so players
    will not suffer an arcane spell failure chance for Teleport while
    wearing armor.
  • The Dispel Magic spell (for bards, clerics,
    paladins, sorcerers, and wizards) no longer requires a material
    component to cast (as per P&P rules).
  • Niac's cold ray now uses the proper ray cast animation.
  • Mind Blast now affects all enemies within the area of effect.
  • The
    flame arrow spell now allows the caster to choose what type of ammo
    he/she would like to add the "flame" property to. Choices include
    Arrows, Bolts, Throwing Daggers, Throwing Axes, Darts, and Shuriken.
    Each requires 1 base unmodified type of that ammo (so Flame Shuriken
    requires 1 plain shuriken) and produces a stack of 50. All players and
    items that can cast flame arrow will now cast the "new" version.
  • NEW
    - Ice storm no longer creates a slippery surface on the ground that
    causes players or monsters to fall. Instead it slows the land movement
    speed of enemy monsters for a very short time while in the storm area.
  • Stoneskin
    and Protection from Energy spells now work as per PHB - they have a
    total amount of damage that they protect you from, after which they
    will vanish.
  • When blind, you will no longer see the names
    floating above the head of named friends/foes. In an update sometime
    after Module 3 we will be restoring the ability to see friend's names.
  • Casting/Cooldown
    • Slightly reduced the cooldown timer of all level 5 spells.
    • NEW - The 'projectile' portion of
      Fireball and Ball Lightning have been sped up slightly.
    • NEW - The Flaming Sphere ball of
      fire has been sped up slightly.
    • Significantly sped up the casting time of Command to be in
      line with other spells of that level.
    • Significantly sped up the casting time of Flame Strike.
    • Significantly sped up the casting time of the Spell
      Resistance spell to be in line with other spells of that level.
    • Significantly sped up the cast time of the sorcerer's
      Dimension Door spell to be in line with other spells of that level.
    • Significantly increased the cooldown timer of the sorcerer's
      Suggestion spell to be in line with other Suggestion spells.
    • Made
      several minor tweaks to casting times and cooldown timers of other
      spells to bring them in line with similar spells of the same level.
  • NEW
    - The cloud spells Acid Fog, Cloudkill, Fog Cloud, Glitterdust, Mind
    Fog, Obscuring Mist, Sleet Storm, Stinking Cloud, and Solid Fog have
    had their FX altered slightly. Now, if you or an ally cast any of these
    spells you will see the particle effects only, and not the obstructive
    visual overlay. Cloud spells cast by enemy spellcasters will still
    display screen overlays on any target that didn't resist the spell.
  • NEW - Obscuring Mist can now be burned
    away with fire spells (like the Web spell - as per D&D rules).
  • NEW - Glitterdust's penalty to hide is
    no longer resistable with a Will Save.
  • NEW - The teleport spell now uses the
    correct particle FX.
  • The visual for the Grease spell now matches more closely the area
    of effect.
  • You will now get chat feedback in the combat window when you hit
    someone with a non-damaging spell (like fear or slow).

Metamagic Fixes

  • Characters using the Quicken feat will find their spellcasting
    greatly improved.
  • Resistance, Restoration, Raise Dead and See Invisibility spells
    can now be used with the Eschew Materials feat.
  • The spell point cost of using your Eschew Materials metamagic
    feat has been reduced.
  • Find
    Traps, Ice Storm, Magic Missile, Scorching Ray and Searing Light no
    longer consume additional spellpoints while the Heighten Spell feat is
  • Holy Smite and Niac's Cold Ray can now be used with the Heighten
    Spell feat.
  • Dismissal no longer consumes extra spell points while the
    Maximize or Empower spell feats are active.
  • Feeblemind and Waves of Fatigue no longer consume extra spell
    points while the Extend Spell feat is active.
  • Ray of Exhaustion can now be used with the Heighten spell feat.
  • Sleet Storm no longer consumes addition spell points while the
    Heighten spell feat is active.
  • Wall of Fire
    • No longer consumes additional spellpoints while the Heighten
      spell feat is active.
    • Wall of Fire can now be used with the Extend Spell feat.
  • Shocking grasp can now be affected by the Heighten Spell
    metamagic feat.
  • Solid Fog and Grease no longer consume additional spellpoints
    when under the effects of the Heighten Spell metamagic feat.
  • Melf's Acid Arrow no longer consumes additional spellpoints while
    the heighten spell feat is active.

Spell Description Updates

(these are just text changes, not changes to spell functionality)

  • Spell descriptions now use color for greater readability!
  • Player
    spells will now state in their descriptions if the spell has a saving
    throw to resist, and if so, the results of a successful save.
  • NEW - Niac's Cold Ray now properly
    includes max damage (please note: there has been no functional change
    to this spell).
  • Ray
    of Enfeeblement description fixed, it had been indicating an extraneous
    +1 STR damage that it did not do, and was missing max caster level
  • Hold spells have been updated to state that they have a save
  • Player spells that have a max Hit Dice cap should now state this
    in their description.
  • Melf's Acid Arrow description has been updated to list the
    correct interval.
  • Wall of Fire description now been updated to include damage
  • Scorching ray description now includes information about
    additional rays and their levels.

Skills & Abilities

  • The magnitude of the bonus
    provided by Action Boost: Attack and Action Boost: Skills have been
    reduced at the higher level enhancements.
  • Bards can now
    activate their singing abilities while moving! The activation time on
    their singing abilities has been reduced significantly as well. An
    animation glitch has also been fixed!
  • Fixed a bug with some AOE
    abilities and spells. Formerly, if you had a dead monster targeted,
    Turn Undead would fail. Now, it will work, but will be centered on you
    since your selected target is dead. The same is true of other feats,
    skills (Intimidate, etc.), and spells (Burning Hands, etc.), for which
    the default behavior on an invalid target should be "happen, centered
    on me", or "happen, aiming directly forward".
  • The description
    for the Paladin's Lay on Hands ability has been corrected to better
    describe the amount of healing/damage that the ability does.
  • NEW
    - The Bard Inspire Competence ability is now correctly flagged as a
    'competence' bonus to skills, not a 'morale' bonus as it was.


  • Warforged who take the fighter's armor
    mastery enhancements will now see it affect the max dex bonus from
    their armored body feat.
  • The Divine Healing enhancement now affects warforged characters
    equally effectively as non-warforged characters.
  • NEW - The Human Improved Recovery
    Enhancements now will properly increase the value of heals cast on you.


  • NEW - The prohibition the
    Coin Lords had placed on the sale of handaxes in Stormreach has been
    lifted. Handaxes now for sale in fine weapon shops near you.
  • There
    is a new weapon effect "Vicious". This effect causes the weapon to do
    an additional 2d6 of damage to the target, but also does 1d6 of damage
    to the wielder.
  • NEW - Generic Masterwork and +1 items
    sold in various shops around Stormreach are no longer bind on acquire.
  • NEW
    - Bolts of X Bane have had their minimum required level reduced to
    match Arrows of X Bane. This change is not retroactive, but all new
    bane bolts found will have the new minimum required level.
  • NEW
    - Corrected a treasure issue where some slashing weapons were generated
    without an intended effect. The affected weapons will not suddenly gain
    a new effect but they will retain their inflated monetary value for
    sale to vendors.
  • The following bane weapons will now have the
    appropriate attack bonus. At the moment there is not a retroactive fix
    for older copies of the weapons who do not have the bonus but we are
    working on one.
    • Kelmar's Justice
    • Sword of the Giant Slave-Masters
    • Giant Stalker's Knife
    • Spider Spike
    • Spiked Mace of the Elements
  • Crests will now sparkle to make them easier to see.
  • NEW
    - Thrown weapons (axes, daggers, darts, and shuriken) will now rotate
    appropriately when thrown. Thrown daggers and axes now also have
    streaks as they spin through the air.
  • NEW - Elemental weapon particle FX have
    been toned down.
  • NEW
    - The "Protection from Chaos" effect found on the Planar Gird and the
    Chaosgarde has been renamed "Chaosguard". This is to prevent confusion
    with the D&D rules Protection from Chaos which includes a ward
    against mental control. Our effect was never intended to include that
    ward (and never has). There is no change in the actual benefits of
    these items.


  • NEW - Wandering NPCs (such as Altan
    Eguilan) should no longer slide away while talking to players.
  • NEW - Summoned and charmed monsters
    should no longer attack Derward Ironhill.
  • NEW - Durk the Deranged has noticed that
    his friend Loghan is no longer in the Leaky Dinghy.


  • Sneak attack works as follows:
    • If the target player is helpless, sneak attack applies.
    • If the target player is blinded, sneak attack applies.
    • If the target player is asleep, sneak attack applies.
    • If the target player is stunned, sneak attack applies.
    • If the target player is bluffed, sneak attack applies.
    • If the target player is dazed, sneak attack applies.
    • If the target player is flanked, sneak attack applies.
  • NEW - In PvP arenas only, inflict wounds
    spells can be used to heal friendly undead.


  • NEW - Fixed a problem where some floor
    puzzle tiles weren't lighting up when they should have.
  • NEW - Garl's Tomb
    • Old Grey Garl will no longer fall through his hatch while
      fighting you.
  • NEW - Ghola-Fan's Compound
    • The
      chest in the Iron Golem training room inside Ghola-Fan's Compound will
      no longer pickable to help prevent quest completion issues.
  • NEW - Haunted Library
    • The floor puzzle in the Haunted Library now requires that all
      4 runes be lit at the same time in order to open the door.
  • NEW - Osgood's Basement
    • Some breakables in this dungeon were not counting towards the
      XP bonus for number of breakables smashed. This has been fixed.
  • NEW - The Pit
    • Made some changes to the Pit's instruction manual - Step 9 is
      a little bit difference since the final objective has changed.
  • NEW - Prison of the Mind
    • Monsters should no longer fall off Prison of the Mind.
  • NEW - Redfang's Nesting Ground
    • More spikes are now disabled by the control panel in the
      spike-trapped room, creating a wider "safe path" for travel.
  • NEW - Restless Isles
    • We have added another encounter.
    • The locked gates in the tunnels beneath the isles can now be
      picked with a high enough dc roll.
  • NEW - Sharpwood's Warehouse
    • The enemies will no longer respawn.
  • NEW - Sorrowdusk Island
    • The
      puzzle wheels at the end of the Fane of the Six must now all be set to
      the correct position at the same time in order to drop the barriers.
    • The 2 floor puzzles in Sorrowdusk Temple now require that all
      3 of their runes be lit at the same time to complete the puzzle.
  • NEW - Splinterskull
    • Chief Ungurz will now offer an option to repeat the
      Splinterskull quest arc.
  • Tempest Spine
    • The
      "Bridge to the Inevitable" gate trap will now open after 3 minutes to
      prevent parties from getting stuck should someone run ahead, trigger
      the trap, and then die.
  • NEW - Twilight Forge
    • The dogs in the boss fight will now stop respawning after the
      mind flayer boss is killed.
    • Made the locked chest in Twilight Forge easier to open.
  • NEW - Wavecrest Tavern
    • Kobolds will no longer attack you through doors in the

Under Development

These items are currently in development and are scheduled for some
time after Module 3.

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