Ten Ton Hammer Blog Update for Wednesday October 11th, 2006

  • Shay’s Treehouse - Napkin Balls, Velvet Jesus, and Vanguard - Shayalyn attended Vanguard Gamers Day with a bunch of gaming journalists and a handful of devs from Sigil. You've got to know how to have fun in order to create a fun game. Do the folks from Sigil know how to have more fun than a room full of gaming journalists?
  • Messiah’s Digital Haven - Does Blizzard Hate Healers? - Messiah examines the upcoming changes that will take away a players ability for a mod or macro to target something. He points out how essential this is to healers and wonders out loud about Blizzard;s motivation.
  • Not Funny…Ever - Protecting Your Secret Identity… - Coyote takes a walk on the “off topic” side. Can you guess what it is from this hint? “So today’s TOTALLY off topic subject, which I apologize for, is going to be…“I don’t want to be known as.”

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