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Keeping up with the Official Forums can be cumbersome and who really has time to troll through hundreds of dramatic posts for that one nugget of information you occasionally find? I do! Join us as Ten Ton Hammer examines all the important threads this week and keeps you up to date.

Petition to get the Lights Fixed in the Dwarven Holds

Is it to dark in the dwarves homestead to you? Some people seem to think so. This thread addresses the issue of darkness associated with living inside a mountain. Patience even dropped in to let us know the problem with lamps not exactly lighting up an area, is a known issue.

Turbine, thank you for adding so much content in the last few months.

Every now and then, a person will step foreword and offer up some well deserved credit for the good people at Turbine. This thread was started by Hakon Stormbrow, and it gave a bit of due credit for all the free content we have received. Many people have echoed the sentiment, but like all things, you get a party pooper every now and then. Head over and post your thoughts in this thread and at least give them credit for constant updates and new content.

Big Red X!

This was one of the sleeper threads of the week. It initially began as a question about Roheryn server being down, but it drew in a lot of talk and evolved into a discussion about the test servers and the process at which game content is released between Isengard, Roheryn, and the live servers.

Festival Horse and characters less than level 35

Curious about being able to hand in that horse quest after the festival has moved on? Well you can find out all about it here. Patience drops in to answer a few questions and address a few concerns about those of us wanting a festival horse, and what we can do if we haven't quite reached level 35 just yet.

Neighborhoods could use more action.

This topic is one near to my heart. The discussion is about making neighborhoods more lively with content and NPC's. Scenario dropped by to let us know we might possibly see some changes with Book 12 in regards to neighborhoods and offered a glimpse at what we may could expect, but he refused to make any promises. Curses!!!

Famous LoreMaster......

If you are a lore junky like me, you will enjoy this thread. This discussion began as a discussion on the greatest lore master in the LOTR universe, but Berephon, Turbine's self proclaimed Lore-monkey, stepped in and offered up several useful bits of lore about Elrond, the White Council, Aragorn, and several other prominent figures of the Tolkien world.

I think we need a minstrel advocate

This thread was started to try and get people in favor of the idea of an advocate for the Minstrel class. This sort of thing was done with Vanguard Saga of Heroes a while back, and while it can be a very useful thing to have, it can also be a double edged sword. If an advocate is diligent in their work and listens, watches, and understands their class, they can be an excellent asset to the developers when it comes to changes and class balances. On the other hand, if they don't do those things, and have little understanding of key concepts, they become a hindrance and can cause more harm than good. Zombie Columbus dropped in to state his thoughts on the matter. What do you think?

Meet Your Neighbor!! Nov. 3rd

This thread was started by TheHylianLink98. To help build community and aid neighbors in the new housing areas in getting to know each other, he has set up an "Meet Your Neighbors Day." This event is set to occur on November 3rd at 8:00 P.M. Est. Tell your friends and join your neighbors, it should be a load of fun.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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