So I've been sitting here at my desk this morning for an hour looking for news. Unfortunately I'm the type of person that starts reading the news that interests me and I get so involved I lose track of time. So.. there you go. An hour with one news post. I need to quit reading about PA and start reading about MMO stuff for the love of all that is cheesy.

On a side note, leaving the TV on all night so that you're stuck on ABC in the morning rather than listening to your regular music live feed is never a good thing. Regis and Kelly - er.. not my favorite show. I'll never get this last hour of my life back.

On another side note, wonder what kind of music that I listen to? I can assure you it's not Rap. I've been listen to KTCL in Denver Colorado since I was a pimply faced Sophmore. If you get a chance, listen to the live feed. It's a good station with good music. Oh God! The View is starting. I have change the channel before my ears start bleeding. Star Jones has manly hands.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016