Gamespot's Q&A with Adam Gershowitz which mysteriously disappeared has now emerged and announced what we all expected, the White Lion is the new High Elf class. In a decent Q&A they ask Adam questions regarding how the class will work and what was involved in choosing it. In standard Warhammer fashion, a little lore is even squeezed in so it's well worth checking out.

GS: What are the best ways to utilize the white lion? And, if you're a dark elf, what's the best way to counter a man-eating feline besides enchanting it with a pile of catnip?

AG: The war lion is a very flexible pet; since players have access to all of the "training" strategies, they can choose how their lion behaves on the fly. However, each of the pet behaviors is designed to complement a player's mastery. So players who have chosen a specific play style will generally have a pet that's stronger at complementing that play style.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016