World of Warcraft is still one of the most popular MMOs around. Despite subscription numbers dropping, there are still several million players running happily around Azeroth, myself included. However, despite the game's continuing popularity or perhaps because of it, WoW has garnered more than a fair share of haters along the way and some of them are downright vicious.

Hating World of Warcraft

As just mentioned, there are a ton of people out there who simply don't like World of Warcraft. While most of these people are quiet about their dislike of the game, others are not so quiet in their dislike. Of course, you have the right to dislike the game. There is nothing in the world that every person unquestionably likes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

However, those that I refer to go to the extreme. They dislike the game so vehemently that they will go for your throat the second you say anything complimentary about the game. Even if you just mention you play it, these people will jump upon you like a crazed animal. These people are not happy with just disliking the game, they need to make sure that any player who has the audacity to enjoy it knows how wrong they are.

Why do these particular people do the things they do? The reasons are probably varied and many. However, there do seem to be a few major reasons for this forceful spewing of hate towards the game.



Lemming Fever

Lemmings are adorable little critters and were once thought to be conditioned to commit mass suicide. One Lemming would follow the next, as if pulled by some magical force. While this belief has since been proven to be false, the legend remains in tact.

Despite the legend of the Lemming being false, when it comes to hating World of Warcraft, it seems to be a very real thing. When the first person steps forward who dislikes the game, more and more will follow. All it takes is one comment, one single forum post and all hell breaks loose.

It seems like, once someone has said their piece about how awful WoW is, every person who has ever had a bad thought about the game comes out of the woodwork. Even if they are typically pretty silent about their dislike, they will suddenly be glad to put their two cents in, running down all who oppose them. Just like the myth of the Lemmings, when one person slams World of Warcraft, many more will follow.

Being the Best

Besides feeling the need to be part of the crowd, it seems that many people just feel like their game of choice needs to be the best. Like it or not, World of Warcraft has been on top for a long time. After many attempts to replicate it failed, every MMO is now trying to “think outside the box” to have a shot at the popularity that WoW has found.

It seems that people who play other games have taken personal offense to this. They need to tell WoW players why the game is awful and why “their” game is so much better. In fact, it seems as soon as someone catches wind that you also play World of Warcraft in another game, the nastiness begins.

Take for example my first time inside the world of Rift. Here I gallivanted happily, until a major meltdown happened in chat. A player had mentioned they played WoW and the Rift only fans came out with a vengeance. Bashed, ridiculed, and made to feel as less of a person, the WoW fan was quickly shown the folly of his ways. It seems you can't enjoy two games or more at once, at least when one of those games is WoW.

False Information

The final big reason I see for the WoW bashing is a host of false information. This usually originates from people who have never played the game, but have formed an opinion based off of outside sources. Usually these opinions are not favorable. Taking the bait from the media or simply from stereotypes, they assume WoW players are fat, useless, and probably bad parents amongst other things.

Worse is the people who have once played the game but no longer do and still believe WoW is exactly the same as they left it. In their eyes all the negative things attributed to the game are still in effect, even if they might be long gone. These types tend to feel that since they no longer play the game, no one else should either.

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Of course, it is not just non-WoW players who have this kind of negativity. There are plenty of players from World of Warcraft who think they are superior to other games. However, I purpose that it is time to put our differences aside. We all love to play games and that should unite us rather than divide. We should simply be focusing on our love of the games we play.

Who cares if someone players World of Warcraft and six other MMOs? Who cares if your game isn't as popular as another? I say we should sit down, shut up, and just play. Let gamers game without all the drama over which game is better or why that game sucks.

Have you ever experienced hate towards World of Warcraft or any other game you have played? What do you think the reasons are for this negativity? Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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