We've Got Tools...and
Opposable Thumbs

In the eyes of many in the massively multiplayer online gaming
generation, the next step in communication is the thorough integration
of community building tools into the world of MMOGs. While many
technical hurdles exist before players will be able to fully immerse
themselves in this sort of environment, the gaming community is finally
beginning to receive the tools they need. For example, PlayXpert and
Vivox recently announced that they would be bundling their services
together to form one easy-to-use game overlay system, taking another
step forward in the search for the perfect community toolset. Ten Ton
Hammer's Garrett Fuller talked with Charles F. Manning, CEO of
PlayXpert, to learn about PlayXpert and what sort of options are now
available to players.

PlayXpert's capabilities are limited only by users' creativity in the
widgets that we make and in what the community can come up with!
PlayXpert helps players communicate via text chat with all of their
existing chat communities (Xfire, Yahoo, MSN, Google, AIM), via voice
chat with our out-of-the-box Vivox widget and our other voice widgets
we provide for TeamSpeak and Ventrillo, via our community management
tools. And finally, we have a variety of quest research tool widgets
like Wikia and Wowhead which lets users collaborate on questing, lore,
and other key elements of the MMO worlds of their choice.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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