WildStar Cheat Sheet - 20 Down And Dirty Facts You Need To Know


A lot of information has been made available about WildStar.
For those who are just now learning about this upcoming game, here's a
jumping-off point with a quick reference to all the major points of

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  • Carbine Studios, started by a group of former Blizzard Entertainment
    employees, has been developing WildStar as far back as 2005, when the
    studio was first founded, but the game wasn't officially announced until
  • The cartoony, stylized graphics may look simple and goofy like an
    animated kids' movie, but the game is much deeper and more complex than
    all that.

  • Sardu was so impressed by WildStar's appearance at PaxEast, he created
    " back in February. He wrote about nothing else for a solid
  • According to Sardu's
    Venn diagram
    , WildStar falls somewhere between "Sandbox" and
    "Themepark," with elements of each style.
  • WildStar uses traditional Classes to define a character's role. Here's
    a profile of the Stalker, which is the stealth-striker class:

  • In addition to classes, which define a character's combat role, Paths
    accentuate the player's personal style. For example, a player who likes
    to find all the secret stuff, collect all the lore, examine every detail
    and approach every situation analytically might also enjoy shooting
    things with giant guns. His character could be a Warrior who is on the
    Scientist path. Another player might prefer the "wild frontier" aspect
    of things and wish to take part in the establishment of new colonies and
    settlements - he would play a character on the Settler path.
  • Quests will be tailored to the character's Path. Explorers will have
    exploration quests, Soldiers will have military quests, etc.

  • Combat is reactive and dynamic, in the style of Guild Wars 2 or
    Neverwinter. Characters need to face their opponents to land attacks,
    and move out of the way of enemy attacks to avoid taking damage.
  • Character movement uses the standard WASD setup, mouse-look strafing,
    jumping, sprinting and dashing. But it also features the double-jump.

  • All attacks are "telegraphed" via AoE hot-zones. This includes player
    attacks and heals as well as monster attacks. It will also allow for
    automatic tab-targeting, but this will be slightly less effective than
    judiciously-placed hot zones.

  • Dodging attacks can be accomplished in three dimensions - not just by
    running back or sideways, but also by jumping.
  • Some areas of the game will have different levels of gravity, allowing
    for super-high jumps.
  • The Dominion is the "evil empire" faction.

  • The Exiles is the "rebel pirates" faction.

  • Characters gain more rested XP when they log out at their home, and
    the rate is even higher if their home is filled with swag and loot.
  • WildStar housing is pioneer-style. Characters don't just buy a prefab
    house in some neighborhood filled with multiple copies of the same thing
    - they have to clear their plots of monsters and tree stumps and angry
    space plants.
  • Customization of players' houses is not just cosmetic. A sky plot has
    "sockets" which can be filled with a variety of "plugs," like functional
    crafting benches, ore mines, vegetable gardens and helicopter pads. And
    some plugs give out daily quests.

  •  Hover bikes pretty much always look like the driver is popping a
    bitchin' wheelie.
  • Winner of our Best
    of E3 2013: Best Gameplay
  • WildStar is currently in closed beta, and is expected to launch
    sometime in the second half of 2013.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016