While it may not be standard fare (yet!) for MMO gamers, Aeria Games
has acquired and is preparing to publish the imported online shooter,
Wolf Team. To learn more about this upcoming shoot 'em up, the Ten Ton
Hammer staff has posted a brand new publisher post (different than a
dev diary) for our readers to check out. It's an interesting little
read, especially the part where you get to turn into a werewolf.

has nine available maps that offer a variety of
environments. Most maps are capable of keeping any type of player
happy, from the sniper to the rush-happy slaughter fiend
(that’d be
me). The maps not only vary in size, but also strategic layout, design,
level of pretty, and cover available. The smaller maps can become
crowded quickly with an 8 vs 8 match (max), while larger maps make solo
matches nerve-wracking hunting grounds. Personally I prefer more
targets, especially if I can loot some grenades from the fallen!

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    post, click here!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016