There's a Storm (Island)

You may know Bounty Bay Online (BBO) for being the first nautical
exploration and combat MMORPG to hit the Western market. You may even
know the IP from BBO's microtransaction-supported counterpart, Voyage
Century Online. But what you may not know is that developers Snail Game
and Yusho / Frogster Interactive have big plans for the game, and Storm
Island is just the tip of the volcano. Join Ten Ton Hammer in this
world exclusive reveal of a content expansion focused on high-level
character combat as Yusho Product Manager Konstantin Drewitz leads us
from instance to instance in a visually rich tour of the island, and
learning about the other exciting changes on tap for Bounty Bay Online.

The bulk of the new content, however, will be found
in the island that
shares its name with the update. Storm Island does have a handful of
persistent areas, but at its core is a progression of four instanced
dungeons intended for groups of five players. While instancing was
previously used for resource gathering areas, this marks the first time
we'll see a typical dungeon instance model in Bounty Bay Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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