Everybody will be Kung Fu fighting, those kids are fast as lightning.

World of Kung Fu, the martial arts online game, announced today that it has deployed a major game update and a new server in anticipation of an August 1st release date.

The latest release offers 8 additional maps, increasing the size of the playable area by a quarter over the previous land masses. The addition of the Divine class of weapons have been added to fight newly implemented mobs like the Tang Serpent and the Mojia Warriors. VestGame Entertainment is striving to make improvements for the different operating systems (i.e. Vista) and keeping the game as accessible as possible. Start your training in the Kung Fu society:

Breaking away from the limits imposed by 'professions', each player starts the game as a martial artist of old, studying Kung Fu in a remote village. Having perfected certain chosen skills by completing extensive training and undergoing numerous tests, players set out to take part in the creation of the Wulin, a classic Kung Fu society.

Find out more about this game rooted in Chinese culture and history at their website World of Kung Fu.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016