Over the next few weeks,
Ten Ton Hammer will be taking a look at
several leveling guides. We'll be covering in-game paid leveling
guides, as well as some free guides available for use on the internet.
Every guide claims to be the fastest and the best, but which one really
IS the best, and which ones are just cheap scams? We intend to find out. After we've reviewed them all, we'll have a comparison to see exactly which leveling guide reigns supreme.

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Today Jeff Francis takes
a look at the paid leveling guide by Team

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Team iDemise

Website href="http://www.teamidemise.com" target="_blank">www.teamidemise.com

Type: One
time charge

$47 USD

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You stand at the beginning of a grand adventure, imagining the glories
and wonders that await you as you enter the World of Warcraft.
You’re new to the game and have heard horror stories of
people spending an eternity of time to get to the end-game content, so
you’ve decided to try out a leveling guide to help you
through the game. Our purpose is to review some of those guides,
starting with Team iDemise’s leveling guide, MapMod v3
revision 5.3 (say that 5 times fast!).


MapMod is an in-game addon leveling guide that walks you through all 80
levels of the game. As you play, the addon exists as a small box that
you can open and close via an icon on your minimap. The box can be
moved around the screen to where you want it to go. In addition, the
addon can be left opaque or made transparent, depending upon your
preference. I chose the option to keep the addon hidden until I moved
the cursor over that screen area, and then the addon would appear as
long as I kept the cursor on it.

MapMod is incredibly easy to use. You have two drop-down menus. The
first is the main level range such as 11-20 (or at the beginning, your
starting area); the second menu is the specific level you are currently
doing. Each level contains many steps that walk you through the level.
Each step that you complete, you can check the box at the bottom of the
addon screen and then click on the ‘next’ button to
go to the next step. If you wish to double check a previous step, you
can cycle back and forth through the various steps. Checking the boxes
as you go is a good thing as that when you next log back into the game,
MapMod goes to the first unchecked step on the level range you were
currently doing.

At each step, there are some instructions for you to follow such as get
a specific quest, turn in a quest, where to find a quest location. Each
step has a coordinate location showing where you need to go. In
addition, MapMod has a coordinate tracker at the bottom of the screen
showing you your location at the current time.

Now that you know how to use MapMod, the question is how useful is it
and is it worth the price? To answer that question, we’ll go
over various good and bad points to the leveling guide.

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The guide is separated
into leveling groups.

Good: The
quest grouping is extremely good. What I mean by this is that
the guide will tell you to get certain quests, which you may not do
right away. Later on, though, you’ll have other quests that
can be done in the same area and then you’ll do that earlier
quest whilst doing the quests you recently picked up. This saves you a
ton of time by not running endlessly back and forth again and again.
Nothing says joy like running from one end of the Barrens to the other
on foot time and time again! To me, this is the main strength of the
guide. Anything that saves me hassle and time is golden.

Bad: There
are some problems with some of the quests the guide tells
you to take. There are a few quests (mainly in the starter area) that
the guide tells you to pick up, but then you never do them. In fact,
when I was leaving Tirisfal Glades to head to Durotar, the guide told
me to abandon any quests that I hadn’t finished. What!? Why
tell me to get the quest in the first place if I wasn’t going
to do them? I think a lot of people could get easily confused over
situations such as this. To be fair, this situation gets rare as you
reach higher levels, but it does happen from time to time. Sometimes,
you do a quest, but the guide does not tell you to turn it in. Later
on, a level or so higher, the guide might tell you to turn it in along
with some other quests, but that’s not always the case. I had
a few quests that I was never told to turn in.

Bad: The
guide assumes that you’ll do no instances so there
are no instance quests. I normally wouldn’t mind this as that
the guide seems to be geared for you to solo your way through to 80,
however, some of the quests it has you take can require up to 3 people.
To be honest, there were a few quests that I eventually dropped as I
couldn’t do them solo, even if the guide told me that I could
solo it, but it would be challenging.

Good and Bad:
Most quests that require a little more thinking to finish
(especially how to fight a boss a certain way), the guide gives you
accurate information on how to do so. However, some quests that could
benefit from more information don’t get it. This happens
infrequently, but it does come up from time to time.

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The quest
steps will tell you exactly where to go
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: The guide is rather accurate in your level
progression. I found
that I was usually about a half-level or so higher than the guide put
me at. This was mainly due to my harvesting leather, so I was going out
of my way to kill animals as I was traveling as opposed to just heading
straight to the quest area.

Bad: The
guide does not include class quests. It would have been nice
if there was a third drop-down menu that highlighted your class and
would inform you when to take a class quest. The only class quest given
is the one in the starter area which is to essentially introduce you to
your first trainer.

Good: The
guide reminds you to get the flight points of various camps
as you travel. However, it does not always tell you to get the flight
points at higher levels. Use your common sense and get every flight
point you come across.

Good: As
stated above, the in-game coordinate system for getting and
doing quests is extremely, extremely helpful.

Bad: The
coordinates are not always right. This happened only a few
times, but each time was extremely frustrating. This situation usually
occurred when getting a new quest in the middle of nowhere (usually
from a solitary figure wandering in the wilderness). I’ve had
the coordinates be off by as much as 20 points, which can be a pretty
big area to cover. This problem reared its ugly head in Terrokar Forest
in the Outlands. I had several quests in a row where the coordinates
where off. After running around like a madman, I finally looked up the
quest locations on the net. Again, this happened only a few times, but
each time was extremely irritating. For a guide that I pay good money
for, this really shouldn’t happen.

Final Verdict

So, is the guide worth the money you’ll shell out for it?
Overall, my answer is a hesitant…..yes. While there are free
guides out there, this one has the benefit of being an in-game guide
which makes it much easier for you to access and use. The design of the
guide is simple and easy to use. Overall, the quest selection is well
done, but there are glaring problems such as wrong coordinates, not
turning in some quests, no class quests, etc. While the lack of class
quests isn’t that big a deal overall (you’re not
promised class quests when you buy the guide), the problems of not
finishing quests or wrong locations is a bigger deal. I want a guide to
be easy to follow and the problems should be minor. If this was version
1, then I would expect more problems. Since this was a later version,
the information should be correct. That being said, the guide saved me
a lot of time and hassle (except when I was looking for a quest giver
in a wrong spot), which was the point of following it in the first

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016