Its here! The first major Cataclysm patch has arrived, and while Patch
4.0.6 won’t alter the physical world of Azeroth like
it’s predecessor 4.0.3a, some big changes are coming.

Despite the huge and
rather daunting list of changes found in the
current patch notes, that seem to promise to bring the changes we seek,
one can’t help but ask, will this patch actually fix or
alleviate many of the painfully obvious in game problems? Or is
Blizzard simply trying to hide behind a massive wall of text that fixes
little, or worse, breaks things even more?

Find out this authors thoughts on the new patch and the newest changes
added just before it’s release in: href="">World
of Warcraft Patch
4.0.6 - Ch-ch-cha Changes!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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