Some of the things that Blizzard has found that we as the players enjoy, they want to do much more of. They also have found many items that they want to correct as they did not work out as well as they expected or have changed due to the expansion or other issues.

Ideas Being Expanded On and Additions


It was found that many players love the epic items that crafter's create that only they can use. Blizzard calls these "best in slot items". A prime example of best in slot items are the 375 tailoring sets that many players choose over raid gear. These have been incredibly popular and provide a real incentive for cloth wears to be tailors. More of these items will be added in the near future, with a strong possibility of being in the game before the next expansion.

Next up was the fact that they will be adding much of the missing gear for sub classes to the professions. This is being done because, while it may not be feasible to have gear drop from bosses for every single sub class (since much of it would go to waste and frustrate main class type players), it is very easy to add recipes for items to accommodate sub classes. This will allow for more items for players that play characters such as boomkin druids or retribution paladins.

Coming Soon

The other major addition to professions will be the addition of daily professions quests, starting with daily cooking quests in the next patch. Other professions will follow, however they want to ensure they watch how they work with a relatively easy and benign profession such as cooking before implementing on a major profession.

Things to Change or Improve on

Many parts of professions have been already improved on since the initial release, however Blizzard is working on improving them even more. Some of the upcoming improvements include transmutes, discoveries and limited availability vendor recipes and much more. All of little things frustrate players in different ways and Blizzard says they will be addressed so that players have more fun with professions.

Transmutes were the first thing discussed and cheers went up when we were told they will be going to a daily cool down instead of the current 24 hour cool down. This will allow you to log in at any time during the day instead of waiting 24 hours. They also plan to improve many of the unused or lover level transmutes so that they are used.

We were also told that the whole discovery system is being revamped as they found that too many "must have" recipes were placed in the discovery table so players felt they needed them. Discovered recipes should be cool, but not must have.

Upcoming Jewel crafter only Gems

We then moved on to the fact that no one enjoys having to camp vendors for the respawn of a limited recipe. Therefore this is being changed to allow all vendors to spawn random items at random times, so that you can be at an it and find a recipe, great items or more. Being completely random means items may spawn or may never spawn at a vendor, therefore they are impossible to camp.

Next was that we should expect more leveling gear. The limited crafting gear that is being used while leveling up the profession annoys and frustrates players. They are creating items simply for the skill point and then vendoring them because they are normally not very good for the level. They really want to push the fact that players should skill up their profession as they level to gain access to better gear to help them level.

Lastly the skill progression in the professions is going to be addressed, especially the 250-300 skill range. At one time this was the last 30 points of the profession and had to be difficult. Since Burning Crusades release though and the addition of 75 additional points it has become a difficult grind for no real reason, especially since the items are very sub par compared to early Burning Crusade items. This will be addressed soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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