Some of the most famous phrases and popular references to the style="text-shadow: none;">World of Warcraft have
come from the mouths of the game’s various bosses and raid encounters.
Join us this week as we look at which of these mouthy monsters made the
cut in our newest weekly feature: href="" target="_blank">World
of Warcraft Top Ten - The Top Ten Raid Encounters.
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Baron Geddon
– It didn’t get the nickname Molten Bore without
good cause, but this long, meandering, cavernous instance created some
of our most lasting memories. While most of the encounters in MC
required a bit of strategy, no other encounter taught us a more
important lesson – that blowing up your friends is way more fun than
blowing up NPC mobs. Baron Geddon also taught the developers some
lessons, like not allowing raid debuffs to work in the Auction House
and not allowing players to remain out of combat to rez once an
encounter starts. Hey, you’re the bomb.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016