Light Shed on Tricky Battleground

We have a brand new guide out today detailing the battleground,
Alterac Valley. Ever wondered how this battleground worked but found
few details? Well wonder no more! Our guide goes over, in detail, all
of the aspects of Alterac Valley and various strategies and tactics to
help you save the day for your team!

"Alterac Valley (or AV) is a sprawling 40 Alliance vs. 40 Horde
instanced battleground for levels 51 through 60. The battleground
hosts a battle between the Horde's Frostwolf Clan and the Alliance's
Stormpike Expedition. Players fight over various graveyards, towers,
and other resources while attempting to assault the enemy General whom
is deeply entrenched in the enemy keep. AV hosts a variety of PvP and
PvE objectives to supply ample ways for any player to get into the

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016