admit it; I’m kind of a slacker when it comes to my
professions. Sure I maxed them all out, and got most of the
“hot” recipes but for the most part they tend to be
severely neglected. (I wonder if there is a protective service
department for neglected professions?) However despite my less than
stellar profession past I can’t help like many others, being
excited for the profession changes that are in store for players in

We here at Ten Ton Hammer have been lucky enough to experience the
changes and excitement surrounding the profession changes firsthand and
will now pass them combined with other information gained from Blizzard
releases on to you. So without further adieu here are the changes to
professions that you can currently look forward to in Cataclysm:


  • size="3">The level cap for all professions has been
    increased by 75 skill points, taking the cap from 450 to 525.
  • size="3">No more will we be Grand Masters, a new
    title of Illustrious (means notably or brilliantly outstanding because
    of dignity, achievements, or actions) has been added.
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The new and improved
Professions tab.
  • size="3">Multiple skill gains are no longer the stuff
    dreams are made of. Players will now be rewarded with a possible chance
    at extra skill points for making better quality items. No more will
    disgusted players who have broke the bank consider bashing their heads
    against their keyboards trying to get those last few skill points with
    purple or blue items.
  • size="3">Archaeology has been added as a new
    secondary profession. Players will be able to obtain artifacts all over
    the world that have been unearthed in the Cataclysm. Artifacts will go
    in a special journal instead of a players bags and will unlock many
    rewards such as mounts, pets, armor, and even weapons. 
    Archaeology will fill in various plot holes in the game and unlock
    never before seen lore.
  • size="3">The Reforging ability has been added for
    Leatherworkers, Tailors, Blacksmiths,  Engineers, and
    Jewelcrafters to allow these professions to modify the magical effects
    of an item. Using this skill players can take gear and customize their
    gear to best fit their current role and skills.
  • size="3">General profession trainers have been added
    to many newbie zones to allow new players to get a feel for what
    professions are available to them. 


  • New Alchemist’s
    Stone (Lifeblood Alchemist Stone) with enough stamina to kill a small
    horse is available.
  • Two new transmutes:
    Transmute: Pyrium Bar, which will be used in Blacksmithing much like
    the metals in Wraith, and Transmute: Krovalian Gold which opens up
    trade with Engineers for Alchemists.
  • All potions and elixirs now
    use the same basic vial type. Flasks still use the more expensive vial.
  • Despite these new additions
    the Alchemy of Cataclysm is much like the Alchemy of Wraith because if
    it ain’t broke, why fix it?


  • Specializations in the
    profession (Weaponsmith, Armorsmith) have been removed and all recipes
    are available to every Blacksmith.
  • Many of low level green
    items in this profession contain random stats. Yay for Intellect mixed
    with Agility.
  • Blacksmiths can create their
    own starter sets of PvP gear, which Blizzard has stated will be
    upgraded each season.
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Orgrimmar blacksmiths hard at
  • Players will be surprised to
    find that the starter level Blacksmithing gear is comparable to the
    gear being currently dropped in
    Icecrown Citadel. These items will
    probably be in high demand once the expansion is released.
  • Blacksmiths are now able to
    use the Reforging ability


  • Tons of new Cataclysm
    enchants available.
  • Material component costs for
    most recipes are more manageable for the average player. High end
    recipes will still require and arm and a leg plus your favorite mount
    to make.
  • Many new enchants will be
    based solely upon various procs.


  • Gem colors have remained the
    same despite previous claims that several would be changing. Perhaps
    sometime in the future?
  • New Jewelcrafting recipes
    have random properties allowing for superior and epic versions to be
    created occasionally.
  • Jewelcrafters are now able
    to use the Reforging ability.


  • Engineers will now be able
    to access Jewelcrafter-like bonuses from Hydraulics and Cogwheels.
  • Engineers will also have the
    ability to use many Engineer-only enhancements such as the Tazik
    Shocker (attaches a Tazik Shocker to gloves allowing a skilled engineer
    to deal damage to an enemy at long range).
  • Despite the many changes to
    Engineering it still appears to be more of a goofy profession, clearly
    (in my opinion) outclassed by almost all other professions.
  • Engineers are now able to
    use the Reforging ability.


  • Specializations in the
    profession have been removed and all recipes are available to every
  • Many low level
    green items in this profession contain random stats.
  • Leatherworkers are now able
    to use the Reforging ability.
  • Leatherworkers will be able
    to create their own set of PvP gear.
  • Many new Leatherworking
    recipes available.


  • Obsidian is the new common
    mineral that will be found while mining in Cataclysm. Obsidian can
    contain gems as well as Volatile Fire and Shadow.
  • Elementium is the new
    uncommon mineral that miners will find in Cataclysm. Elementium can
    contain gems as well as Volatile Fire, Earth, or Water.
  • Elementium Ore and Bars have
    been renamed to Elementium Ignot and Hardened Elementium Bar.
  • Pyrite can also be found
    while mining, however it is very rare.


  • NO new Lotus equivalent can
    be found in Cataclysm. And the angels themselves rejoiced.
  • When herbing players have a
    chance of getting Volatile Life from all Cataclysm herbs.


  • Savage Leather is the new
    leather of Cataclysm and can be gathered from creatures found in the
    new zones.
  • Pristine Hide is much like
    the Artic Fur and is rather rare. This rare hide can be found of
    creatures in the new zones, or by converting Heavy Savage Leather.

First Aid

  • Three new bandages are
    available: Embersilk Bandage, Heavy Embersilk Bandage, and Dense
    Embersilk Bandage.
  • Heavy Frostweave Bandages
    are green in the Tradeskill window, and therefore will not be a good
    skilling up option.
  • Using First Aid on a player
    places a heal over time effect on them that can be broken with damage.

Cooking and Fishing

  • New Cooking recipes
    available including a recipe to create a Fishing Lure.
  • New Fish
    and other new items are available to be caught in the waters of
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  • Many more Cooking recipes
    require fish as an ingredient, perhaps as an attempt to get more
    players to take up the less than popular Fishing.
  • New daily quests available,
    some of which even reward a skill point along with the standard bag of

This brings us to the end of our Cataclysm profession preview. Please
keep in mind that all information listed above is from the beta and
Blizzard news releases. As such this information is subject to change
at any time. Join us on our forums to share your thoughts on these

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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