You know you watch too many home renovation shows when...

Another month come and gone and it can only mean one thing, another interview! For all of you regular WoW @ TenTonHammer readers out there, we have a surprise for you! No longer will you see the bickering between Hardcore Raiders and Casuals, but instead, WOW gamers who love the environment that Blizzard has given them, and want to improve it.

These are the gamers who love to watch home renovations shows on Sunday night television, then apply it to WOW. Some of the things to expect are Guild Housing, New Cities, Tattoo and Hair Parlor, and more! Take a look at several people's great ideas on how to improve the World of Warcraft!

Here we have a very popular idea brought up and discussed by Quicktoe, a level 25 Gnome Warrior on the server Dark Iron. The ideas behind giving Gnomes and Trolls there own cities!

I realize these two races were the last implemented into the game during its development cycle, but I was thinking it would make for an extremely cool patch or expansion implementation, to create some sort of huge challenge for both the horde and alliance to overcome in order to have all their races to have their own city.

I realize there would be immense design challenges to accompany this change, but it could be a world effort on the scale of 1.9 and its new instance.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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