Invasion of the Death

There has been much conversation and consternation regarding World of
Warcraft's Death Knights since Blizzard released additional information
about the upcoming class. There are several things players are worried
about but the big three are: Death Knights taking over tanking; Death
Knights taking over PvP; and a mass proliferation of Death Knights in
the game.

In this week's editorial Byron "Messiah" Mudry gives you a run down of
these three main issues, and then provides his take on them and the
Death Knight class in general.

The last of the big discussion points about the Death
Knights is that
there will just be too many of them. This is based on the fact that
Blizzard has said that anyone with a level 55 character will be able to
create a Death Knight that will start at level 55. It is very hard to
argue with the logic that there will be too many of them. This is a
huge issue as I can easily see Death Knights becoming the most numerous
class in the game above level 70.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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