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With any patch to a game there are potential problems and as a World of Warcraft player Byron "Messiah" Mudry has seen many of them. Recently Blizzard put in place their biggest patch ever, the patch that readies the game for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion, listed officially as Patch 3.0.2. After the patch, there were issues for most players, that stretched on for several days and on many servers all the way through a week. In response Blizzard announced a credit of time to players. In this weeks editorial the Messiah gives his opinion on the issue... "Was Blizzards response enough?".

The amount of time that this lasted seemed to depend on your server. On my Horde server, I could log on and play almost immediately. Unfortunately, my Horde toons are largely ignored and un-played. My Alliance server went for over a week (I believe it was 9 days) before it returned to what I would call normal. After 4 or 5 it was back to normal other than extremely long times before you could get into instances. After a bit over a week the strange HUGE lag spikes seemed to dissipate and you could play normally without sudden freezes and deaths.

You can read the Messiah's complete opinion in his editorial - Did Blizzard Address Patch Issues Well Enough?.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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