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PvP and the establishment of the World of Warcraft as a valid e-sport
is currently a very big topic. Blizzard recently opened the 2008 World
of Warcraft Arena Tournament Realm as very real proof of how serious
they are about earning WoW a spot in the e-sport scene. It's a very
bold concept, taking a MMOG and turning it into something very much
like a First Person Shooter (FPS) for PvP combat. Will it work, though?
What good points does it have; and what are the bad? Are people willing
to pay another $20 just to play in the tournaments each 6 weeks? Byron
"Messiah" Mudry looks into all
this and more in this editorial.

When you log on to create a character, it's very cool
to think that you
can try any class in full gear at max level immediately. I can't count
how many times I have been frustrated by a certain class and felt they
were over powered in PvP, wishing I had that class instead of mine.
Well now you can. With that in mind I logged on and created a Druid
healer to annoy and terrorize my opponents.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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