Turtles in the Valley

Last weekend it was the bonus honor weekend for Alterac Valley,
everyone's favorite fast honor battleground. If you need lots of honor
quickly, Alterac Valley is your destination of choice. However, what
happens when you get stuck with either players that are not geared for
PvP, don't know the strategies or just plain suck? What usually happens
is a dreaded "Turtle" game.

With recent changes to Alterac Valley turtles have become more common
in my battle group. Should they be dreaded as much as they are? Should
you try to create or stop one from happening? Why do they get started?
How do you stop one once it has gotten going?

A turtle is by definition a long defensive game.
Players call the game
a turtle game when most of the opponents go on defense and form a hard
layer that you can not get past instead. By doing this the group is
essentially focusing on stopping you from winning instead of trying to
win themselves.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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