New Inofrmation Added

We've gone through our Scholomance guide and updated all of the information to better reflected recent instance changes. Everything from forming your group until the last boss fight has been looked over and updated with even more helpful information!

"When you first enter Scholomance you will find yourself on a set of stairs. This is a safe zone where you are free to buff up and get ready to fight. The entrance to the actual combat area is guarded by two Risen Warders so take those out and open the door. Quickly pull the patrols of Risen Warders who'll come up near the door, into the
room you first walk into. Next, go to the stairs and have your rogue/s sap some of the humanoids down to the left, and your mages sheep pull, deal with the humanoids. Avoid fighting in the main room area since some enemies have an AoE fear which can cause you to aggro several groups of enemies. It's best to fight on the stairs with your melee at the bottom and ranged at the top. Now deal with the group on the other side of the door on the bottom floor."

Head over to WoW Ten Ton Hammer and read the fully updated guide. Be sure to let us know if we forgot anything in the forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016