World of Warcraft has been out over five years now and has been number one in the MMO industry just as long. We all wonder what it'd take to topple the giant. Will it be Bioware's new MMO, the Final Fantasy franchise, or will Derek Smart bring Alganon, a game that tried to clone WoW outright, from obscurity to WoW killer? David "Xerin" Piner tackles this tough topic in "MMO Wars: Attack of the WoW Clones."

We question now if there is anything or anyone out there brave enough to take on this humongous menace. Two games sit out on the horizon ready to challenge the mighty WoW. Final Fantasy XIV has already openly declared war while Star Wars: The Old Republic is gathering its resources. The fanbois of both games are already piling in grabbing their swords of complete loyalty as they battle on forums everywhere declaring their games to be superior. It’s almost as they wave the mission accomplished banner before the war has even begun.

What will it take to topple WoW in the MMO Wars? Find out in our latest article!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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