The Instance Guides Keep Coming!

Our latest instance guide covers the sprawling instance of Dire Maul currently under control by scary demons, a wacky Orge gang, and magic thirsty Elves. We've got a complete walkthrough of each of the three wings containing plenty of information to slay your enemies and get through this instance quickly and efficiently!

"Dire Maul is located in the middle of Feralas, along the northern border. The entrance is guarded by the fierce Gordok Orges. This isn't a problem as most of them are low level and easily avoidable. As for the entrances to each wing, the west and north entrances are all the way at the very northern tip of the courtyard while the east entrance is toward the eastern side. The north and west wing are locked, requiring a key from the eastern wing to open (only one person needs to open it, the doors can be opened from the inside via a torch on the wall)."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016