Horde Leveling Guide Update

*The right way to level your Evil Side!*

Our Horde leveling guide has been much improved with more specific details for the journey from 1 - 60. Make sure you also check out our Alliance leveling guide and check back soon for detailed 60-70 leveling guides in the near future!

By this time you should hit 21 and head to Ashenvale to turn in the Ashenvale Hunt quest and head to Splintertree Post straight north of where you enter and get the flight point there. From there head all the way to the west to the Zoram Strand and get the flight point there and the few quests that are there. It's now time to head back to the Barrens, but this time to the south base of Camp Taurajo. At the camp
pick up the weapons of choice and betrayal quests and head south, to finish them and the other quests available to get to level 23.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016