New WoW Starting Region Guide - Teldrassil

Teldrassil, a lonely yet hauntingly beautiful island in Northern Kalimdor, is where the Night Elves of the Alliance faction begin their story. At WoW - Ten Ton Hammer, we offer the "cliff's notes" to that story, tailored to young Night Elves who are eager to leave behind Teldrassil's claustrophobic confines and /dance straight into the action on the mainland.

"Quests in Teldrassil do an excellent job of "breadcrumbing" adventurers from place to place. Don't get bogged down chasing quest objectives; especially at early levels. Rather, accumulate as many quests as you can and look for ways to complete several objectives from more than one quest with one trip out of town. For example, you should speak with Gilshalan Windwalker and Dirania Silvershine in Ardrassil before heading towards Shadowthread Cave since both of their quests ("Webwood Venom" and "A Friend in Need") will progress based on things you'll find at or near the cave."

Keep reading to learn more about this region. Don't forget to share your experiences in this area with us in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016