Off to Never Never Land: A Fantasy MMORPG Creation

Memnok gets creative with MMO creation over on our WoW Ten Ton Hammer site.

You have been given unlimited power…

The power to create the ultimate MMORPG, with anything and everything you would
like, want, or wish to be in it. How amazing would it be? Where would you
start? What ideas would you choose from? For the first article of the month
here at Ten Ton Hammer, I, Memnok, have been assigned the task of creating and
coming up with my own ideal Online Game. I have been given free power and
control over all aspects and ideas, though, unfortunately, I am very certain
they will not come into fruition! I hope that my ideas might give everyone a
small chuckle, maybe even raise an eyebrow or two, or even make some people
scratch their chins and say, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea!” Enjoy!

Head over and see what Memnok has created!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016