Gaming on the dark side of the server...

Messiah talks about his experience with World of Warcraft as played on his nifty new Apple iMac courtesy of an Intel dual-core processor and Blizzard's decision to release WoW in Universal Binary.

Graphics-intensive gaming? On an Apple? Wha?

Everyone knows Macs are not for gaming. Macs are for tree huggers,
hippies, academia, free spirits, and graphic artists. No serious computer
person would ever use a Mac, never mind play a video game on one, would
they? To many using a Mac for games is almost as bad a scenario as Luke
Skywalker turning to the Dark side of the force! It just isn't right!

Now that the basic premise is laid, let me go back and paint the full
picture. Let's take a look at Apple, my very limited experience with
them, and how why anyone would actually want to game on one.

Apparently Apple isn't just for your iPod anymore. Check out Messiah's article on the happy marriage between iMac and WoW at WoW - TenTonHammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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