Wacky Crazy Waving Insane Opposite Day

There are always a discussion going on somewhere about what makes a good MMORPG. You will often find large threads on various message boards dedicated to this subject with replies ranging from "nerf shamans!" to "free ice cream!" The problem though is that we often ignore what makes a bad MMORPG. Sure rollercoasters, free ice cream, and the ability to instantly take out anyone in PvP combat could be fun but what if all of that includes soda pop ads that fill half the screen? That's why this week we take a look at what makes a bad MMORPG in our editorial, Wacky Crazy Waving Insane Opposite Day.

"You start out as an Elf in an Elven village called Legomolassesville. You will fight rats and other enemies that plague the land for hours on end to obtain level two where you will leave the Elven village for the mountains where the Dwarfs are. There you will mine copper for awhile. We all need to work hard. THEN PLOT TWIST.
As you are mining copper a spaceship flys down and picks you up. You hop aboard the spaceship and are like "WOAH I JUST SPENT TWO WEEKS BEATING MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL THIS IS AWESOME OUT OF NOWHERE EXTREME" when all of a sudden MINI-GAME MANIA starts and you start mining copper AND killing rats while on the spaceship."

Keep reading to see what other plot twists Xerin has in store! Let us know what you think in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016