There are literally hundreds of podcasts that include World of Warcraft in their description. The iTunes podcast area has become a graveyard of pod-faded washouts, but a few shining stars still plug away. If you are tired of subscribing to podcasts only to find the last production was in 2008, then step over into our audio nook to listen to the best and brightest in WoW podcasts.

There have been many podcasts go the way of Tabula Rasa so I’ve not included any in the round-up who haven’t posted an update in 4 months. In any case following are some of the podcasts and how they fit into the overall WoW-podcast landscape. I’ve listed the casts in order of how you should listen to them – i.e. If you have a short/select amount of time start at the top and if you have more keep adding from the list.

Read the WoW Podcast Roundup and then share your thoughts and/or favorite podcasts here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016