Scryers vs. Aldors

Which side to pick in this war between two friendly yet opposed factions? Well, it's a tough call. The Scryers and Aldors both offer different rewards for gaining reputation with them and you can only be allied with one at a time. That's why our guide goes over the various rewards and helps you choose which side is right for you. We've also got some information on switching sides and the new "spellthread" that is available!

"Inscriptions are like the ZG enchants, except they go on your shoulders, an item that previously had very few options when it came to enchanting (the Argent Dawn being the only enchant available I can think of). For most people it will come down to what class and build you prefer to play as to what side you should take. Remember, these enchants are useable by ANYONE as long as you the reputation to purchase them. They are Bind on Pickup though, so you will need the reputation with that faction to purchase them."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016