a semi-derogatory editorial on href="" target="_blank">World of Warcraft
less than 48 hours
before the release of the insanely anticipated href="" target="_blank">Wrath of the
Lich King
expansion was a lot like watching a fat kid whack a
nest with a baseball bat. You knew the outcome wasn't going to be
pretty, but you just couldn't turn your eyes away from the ensuing
show. Needless to say, href="" target="_blank">last week,
I was the fat kid with the bat and
the hornets came flying out in swarms.

After soaking myself in a bathtub full of hydrocortisone for a few
hours, I read back through all the responses and noticed an
underlying theme. Everyone agreed that the release of href="" target="_blank">The Burning
Crusade expansion pack had changed the feel of the game and
that feeling of running into a brick wall at level 60. Ten Ton Hammer's
WoW Community Manager, Xerin, href="" target="_blank">suggested
I give the game a try again.
Since our own Harvester of Ponies, Ralsu (along with many others), has
called me an MMOG whore on more than one occasion, I decided to accept
the challenge and picked up WoW again since my original copy had long
since gone the way of the dodo.

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You can't be
evil wearing clown gloves.

Not one to go through this type of pain and suffering lightly, I
dragged an old friend of mine, Akahn, back into WoW with me. While he's
currently leveling with the grace and speed of a Popsicle melting in
the heart of Antarctica, I've been cruising along like an href="" target="_blank">Aston
DB9 racing on the Autobahn. The drive hasn't been too bumpy,
but the
race to the finish line left me less than fulfilled, driving home the
notion that I had been correct in my disdain for an apparent lack of
character depth in the game.

While sitting around a cup of coffee with some close friends last
night, the subject inevitably turned to video games (what else is
there?). While complaining loudly about having to play WoW again in an
attempt to be fair to my reading audience, Akahn brought up an
interesting point. If I was playing WoW just to force myself through
the game with no other thought than to get to the end content faster
than Michael
accepting a child's birthday invitation, I may as
well have not picked it back up at all. Not only would it serve no
purpose other than to drive home the lingering issues I had with the
game all those years ago, but it would be less than fair to those who
wanted me to give it another shot.

One of my current issues with the Blood Elves is that I had assumed
they were supposed to be evil since they've sided with the Horde, yet
they cry more than a six year old in a slaughter house any time they
send me to wipe out some particular creature roaming in the vicinity.
At one point, I was asked to kill 10 walking trees in the Scorched
Woods, and as the kindling began to pile up around me, a named tree
came into my sites. Trapped in my fireball-throwing frenzy I had no
choice but to send him to the same fate as his fallen brethren so fast,
would have been amazed. Rather than the piece of uber
I so desperately craved, he dropped nothing more than an old pendant.

Imagine my surprise when I gave the pendant to the weeping gal who
insisted I kill 10 of the aforementioned trees and she bursts into
wailing hysterics. Unbeknownst to me, she had given the pendant to the
named tree when she was very young after he had helped their village.
Maybe if Little
Red Riding Wench
had taken a moment to let me know
about her friend first, I wouldn't have cut him down with such ruthless
abandon. Ok, I still would have, but I wouldn’t have giggled
like a schoolgirl while doing it... maybe. This was the point that
simultaneously broke my last straw with the game and amazingly hatched
the diabolical plan that would allow me to finally have some fun.

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This is more
like it!

Sick to death of hearing my fellow Blood Elves whining and apologizing
more often than subjects of a href="" target="_blank">Dear Abby
article, I decided I had to do
something. Before last week, I could have only dreamt of my goal, but
with the release of Wrath
of the Lich King
, my twisted master plan
could finally bear fruit.

For the first time since I picked up the gauntlet laid down by members
of the Ten Ton
community, I finally had a smile on my face when
I created my new character. Thus was born into the world, Darksidia,
shining Paladin and beacon of hope for the Blood Elf race. Poor gal...
little does she know her spirit will slowly be crushed, her ideals
betrayed, and her soul drained of all light and hope until one day, she
reawakens as a Death
, obsessed with the all-consuming desire of
vengeance on those who shaped the path she was forced to follow.

While I'm not ready to make any solid judgments yet, my quest to
corrupt the soul of my little Blood Elf Paladin is enough to at least
keep me interested in playing. Will my wispy avatar fall prey to the
scalding betrayal of all she holds holy, eventually looking inward at
an empty Abyss? I'll be sure to keep you posted, but I do know one
thing for sure - I certainly hope so.

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed are those of the author
and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of
the Ten Ton Hammer network or staff.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016