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Are MMORPGs and TCGs (Trading Card Games) such an obvious fit for
players, or just a way to piggyback on a successful IP for some fat
profit? Both, actually, and the Upper Deck's World of Warcraft TCG
retains the look and feel of the MMOG, offering in-game loot tie-ins
long before Legends of Norrath came along. Ten Ton Hammer spoke with
Upper Deck's Claudine Riccanor and David Baumgartner at BlizzCON 2007
about the popular TCG that is heading towards the release of it's third
set, and their cross-promotional plans with Blizzard in the wake of the
expansion announcement.

Upon registering at BlizzCON and ravening through our
sacks like the schwag-averse disciplined press types we aren't, we were
surprised to find a World of Warcraft TCG starter set with everything
needed for half a game (your buddy will need a starter set too). With a
retail value of $11.99 x 8,000 attendees, it's pretty obvious that
Upper Deck believes in the MMORPG-TCG connection too. Intrigued by
SOE's just-announced plans for the Legends of Norrath online TCG, we
determined to see how Blizzard is exploring it's TCG options and what
plans Upper Deck has in place for it's ever-expanding game. Later on
Day Two, we caught up with Upper Deck's Claudine Riccanor and Game
Designer David Baumgartner for a quick demo and some questions.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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