Verigan's Fist Quest Guide

At level 20 Alliance Paladins gain access to one of the best level 20 items in the game. It's not easy to get, and you likely won't get it before level 22-23 without some serious help from friends, but it is defiantly worth the effort. The weapon you receive is a very nice two handed mace called Verigan's Fist and thanks to dlongest we have an excellent guide to the whole quest chain.

Whitestone Oak Lumber
At this point, I had been through the Deadmines instance a handful of times with some groups I just picked up at random. Whether you've been through there or not, it's usually easy to find a group going in. If you have to travel, probably best to fly a gryphon to Stormwind and walk over. You could potentially solo this part because everything you face up to the lumber are 18-20 standard mobs except for the goblin dudes who drop the lumber. Joining a group makes this part a slam dunk, however.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016