WoW Weekly Hot Tip - Main City Boogie

We're introducing a new weekly feature here at WoW – Ten Ton Hammer. Each week around Monday we'll have a brand new "WoW Weekly Hot Tips". Each week we'll present you to a fresh top tip that helps you get things done faster, make WoW life easier, and much more! This week to kick things off we'll be featuring a tip on how to travel about the major cities much faster… for any level!

Traveling around both Outland and Azeroth is much easier if you set your bind location to Shattrath city. Why Shattrath city? Well, it not only contains portals to each major city in Azeroth but it's also at a very nice and central location within Outland. As a major travel hub Shattrath city truly is the best place to bind. Of course, if you aren't level 58 there is a little trick to get out to Outland.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016