Developer updates, Granado Espada, WoW Features

The Ten Ton Hammer Wiki has finally been updated so as to have information about every single developer that's been linked to the games covered within itself! also, information about WoW's instances in Outland and their factions were added.

Granado Espada's page was also updated with information about this new Korean game that seems to be gathering attention recently with its name and features.

From WoW's Outland article, "In Hellfire Peninsula, players gain reputation with their faction's initial Outland outpost past the Dark Portal, with the Hellfire Citadel being their objective for said reputation. Hellfire Citadel is divided into Hellfire Ramparts (or "ramps"), The Blood Furnace (or "bf"), The Shattered Halls (or "SH")." "

Find information on all of this plus WoW's Outland, features, PvP and flying mounts!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016