The marketing folks at href=""
target="_blank">Zu Online are persistent. Another
set of
screenshots and class descriptions has hit the inboxes of the Ten Ton
Hammer staff to go along with our href="" target="_blank">various
exhibitions href="" target="_blank">over
the past few weeks. These screenshots feature the Bead Fairy,
which can be classified as a healer in Zu Online, and Ten Ton Hammer
also has a nice variety of information to go with the new images. What
are you waiting for, check it out!

Class Feature:

First, Bead Fairies can cast beneficial effects and
healing spells. But
the other classes  must use certain reagents to restore their
own health.


Second, Bead Fairies have a relatively short spell casting time.


Third, Bead Fairies can use shapeshifting spells to improve attacks.

Two important spells?


Circle of Healing: It instantly heals the Bead Fairy and any allies
nearby (+6000 HP). It is one of the most important spells of the Bead


Formation of Taipai: It increases defense for all friendly players in
the formation.  It is very effective in group fighting.


Tips on actual combat?

While fighting common monsters, using Shapeshifting Spells and Bead
Strike spells means fast kills. Bead Strike spells are the main source
of damage. It does not deal much damage but it can be cast continually.
Bead Fairies formation abilities are very effective while fighting
multiple monsters.

While fighting a tough enemy, a Bead Fairy should use the Mighty Force
spell (Increases the target’s attack and defense by 20% for
20 seconds) and Hibernate to stun the enemy, then hit them with a
damage spell. If a Bead Fairy’s health gets low, use Circle
of Healing to heal. After doing this several times, most enemies will
be defeated.

Bead Fairies can cast beneficial effects and heal themselves and their
allies. This gives them a crucial role to play in group action.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016